The best method for sending your project is to send it using a CMYK color workflow. Every image in a document has 2 profiles, one that communicates with your display and the other that communicates with your printer; it is how color is determined. RGB communicates with your monitor and CMYK communicates with printers.

If your monitor hasn't been calibrated with a monitor calibrator, odds are you don't see the same thing as everyone else. With the price down to under $100, it is a vital tool to have and learn to use. The most common problem with a non-calibrated monitor is the user is viewing a purple as a blue.
(If I had a dollar each time that happened!).

The image below indicates the standard color settings for our workflow; it is the most common flow for the large format industry. By changing your settings to match our workflow, you will be rewarded with a predictable color.

color settings