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How to Prepare Files

Artwork Guidelines

This is just a very brief overview of file preparation, if your situation is unique and this guide does not address your concerns; please call your customer service representative for assistance.

Preferred Art 

PDF - PDF/x-1a:2001 automatically embeds all fonts, converts all colors to CMYK, embeds all image

EPS - Illustrator/Freehand: Fonts converted

Preferred Programs

Illustrator - CS or newer (Fonts Converted to Paths or include a folder with all fonts used, Images imbedded or include a folder with all linked images)

Accepted programs

InDesign - CS or newer (Packaged)

Photoshop - CS or newer


DIE CUT labels must include a 1/8” bleed area

STRAIGHT CUT labels must include 1/16” bleed area.

Black Text 

For best results, black text should have a CMYK breakdown of 0 Cyan, 0 Magenta, 0 Yellow, 100 Black. We cannot guarantee the quality of 4 color black text.

Large Black Area

For best results on printing large black areas, rich black (30C, 30M, 10Y, 100k) should be used, for uniform ink coverage. Using only 100k can result in uneven ink coverage, and a black that is not as dark as it could be.

Safe Zones

We require all text and photos fall within the safe zone. All non bleed items must be .125” from the trim.